Reaching People through Innovative Ministry.



"Thank you Jonathan for ministering to our young people. Jonathan did a terrific job connecting with our teens through his preaching and illusions. Our young people connected very well with Jonathan and many life changing decisions were made through our time together that week. Thanks again and we look forward to having you back!"  

Executive Director David Spencer :: Sacandaga Bible Conference


"If you are looking for an inspiring and innovative way to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to your group then Jonathan Phillips is the guy. His illusions and messages communicate the rich truth of God's Word. I highly recommend him."

 Pastor Randy Cadwallader :: Faith Bible Church



I know what you're thinking...why the silhouetted picture? Is that even you? For so many years I performed for the applause, the attention. I became so lost in my pride that it began to affect my family. Yes I have a family and a large one at that! I have been blessed with an amazing wife who has a love for life and Jesus and 7 beautiful children that remind me of their mom everyday! 

A mirror will display what you look like but not who you really are. People saw on the outside that I had it all together, an incredible family, talents that allowed me to travel the nation as a performer, acting abilities that put me in movies...my identity was clear to everyone but on the inside tucked away from everyone to see I was a cheat, a failure, a liar full of pride with an ego the size of the Grand Canyon. We can fool others so well can't we? 

Through certain circumstances, God brought me to my knees! I was instantly broken, ashamed and alone with no clue as to who I was. Little did I know that this is where God needed me to be so that He could start using me for His kingdom instead of building up my own. So why the silhouetted image? It's not about me anymore! Whether you remember my name or not is insignificant. My intentions are to point your entire focus to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords for He is the one who is worthy of praise, not you nor I. 


Innovative Ministry Options

Below you will find two different options that Jonathan can bring to your event depending on the type of event you are holding. Both can be tweaked and made specific to your event. 



That word, revival, is not a word that you hear very often anymore, is it? Perhaps you grew up in a church where you'd have week long Revival meetings, some in tents, and you would see lives changed, souls saved and the church was revived! God has placed on Jonathan's heart to bring the message of Revival to churches, youth groups, conferences, etc. whether it is for one night or a week long conference! 

Revival means an improvement in the condition or strength of something. Don't we all need improvement in our current condition and strength not in something but from Almighty God?

To get more detailed information about Jonathan coming to speak at your next event whether it is related to Revival or not, please click the the Learn More button below and fill out the form and we will quickly get back to you regarding your request.  


Illusions with a Message

Illusions have a way of breaking down walls and bringing comfortability to someone that may never walk into a church on a regular Sunday but an Illusionist coming is something intriguing to all and to every age. The Art of Illusion has been dazzling the minds of people for centuries and it continues on today. This particular option is one that will leave your audience stunned and confused from the tricks yet clearly understanding the gospel and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. 

Jonathan has been performing illusions and stunts for nearly 25 years. Jonathan has been described as elegant and edgy, a classy manipulator, daring escape artist and graceful illusionist colliding the olden days with a new-age twist! As a performing illusionist and stunt artist, Jonathan has mystified audiences around the nation and made headlines in 2010 as he hung from a 100ft crane only to vanish and reappear seconds later in a helicopter flying overhead.     

To get more detailed information about Jonathan coming to perform at your next event, please click the the Learn More button below and fill out the form and we will quickly get back to you regarding your request. See below some of the businesses that Jonathan has had the privilege of either speaking or performing at throughout the years.